Computer forensics objective questions and answers

When is the best time to contact a forensic company? As soon as possible; Preservation of evidence is the key. How do I remove a computer that is turned on? Pull the Power Cord from the back of the computer; do not shut it down normally.

Volatile data can include important information such as what documents were printed, clipboard contents, and data in memory. The information may be critical to the evidence. Can I just have an image taken of a device? Yes, the service you need to Preservation Only.

Once the device is acquired, you are free to redeploy the machine back into the working environment. What industries does Computer Forensics deal with?

Forensic Specialists can acquire and analyze the hard drive for evidence of communications with the departed client about moving to the new company. Forensics Specialists can determine Internet History artifacts including deleted Internet History files and search for non-work related activity and provide a detailed report to the client. An employee leaves the company and starts working for a competitor.

What Is Computer Forensics? The main components in Computer Forensics are the Identification, Preservation, Extraction, and Presentation of electronic data. Why hire a computer full bass trance mp3 free download company or investigator? First, you want to be sure your case isn't spoiled due to technicalities like faulty and improper acquisition, tampering or poor handling and storage of evidence.

Second, if it is important enough to go to court it is important enough to have properly trained professionals handle your evidence so that it is admissible in court. Many states have very specific requirements regarding the acquisition, imaging and investigation of electronic evidence because it is so easy to tamper with. These visual art theory pdf require that the forensic image is created by a state licensed PI.

If this procedure is not handled properly your case can be dismissed before you even get a shot at presenting airoha app windows 10 driver. Corporate e-mail Intellectual property disputes Wrongful termination disputes Malicious acts by terminated or disgruntled employee s Employee activity search for excessive personal browsing during work hours Divorce cases Sexual harassment Expert witness service Litigation support NIDA non-invasive data acquisition Electronic investigation Electronic records management Insurance fraud cases Stalking, hacking, illegal activities Employee theft Business fraud Case examples Embezzlement Hacking Trade and business secrets theft Data recovery for damaged drives.

A Practical Guide to Computer Forensics Investigations by

What types of electronic data is considered evidence?Did you know that computer Forensics jobs are very much in demand. Here in our site we provide you with the complete Computer Forensics interview Question and Answers on our page.

To know more visit our site wisdomjobs. Question 1. What Is Md5 Checksum? Answer : MD5 checksum is a bit value that helps identify the uniqueness of a file. You can have two file names, but each will have a different checksum. You use these checksums to compare two different files to identify if they are the same.

Question 2. Question 3. What Is An. New Windows versions come with internal ISO mounting capabilities. Question 4. What Is A Sam File? Question 5. What Is Data Mining? Answer : Data mining is the process of recording as much data as possible to create reports and analysis on user input.

For instance, you can mine data from various websites and then log user interactions with this data to evaluate which areas of a website are accessed by users when they are logged in.

Question 6. What Is Data Carving? Answer : Data carving is different than data mining in that data carving searches through raw data on a hard drive without using a file system. Question 7. Answer : Most computer forensic experts know at least one operating system well. Be honest with this question, but you should know either Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems well. Question 8. Answer : Computer forensics relies on email analysis.

You should be experienced with email servers such as MS Exchange and free web-based platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo. Question 9.As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 79, lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. Whenever you feel ready, you can answer these multiple-choice questions on a digital forensics lab. Quiz topics include an operating system is an appropriate choice for creating a forensic computer in your home and the role of a Disk Manager module in Paladin.

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computer forensics objective questions and answers

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You will receive your score and answers at the end. What operating system is a good choice for the creation of a forensic computer at home?

computer forensics objective questions and answers

Crusader Sumuri. Kali Paladin. Cancel anytime. What does the Disk Manager module do in Paladin? It allows the examiner to edit images over a shared drive. How much RAM is necessary to build a forensics system at home? Create your account to access this entire worksheet. Create an account to get started Create Account. These specific areas will be discussed: Objective of digital forensics Goals of cyberforensics Importance of gathering information in digital forensics Examples of visualization software.Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions.

You can skip questions if you would like and come back to them later with the yellow "Go To First Skipped Question" button. When you have completed the practice exam, a green submit button will appear. Click it to see your results. Good luck! All target devices must be secured simultaneously in order to reduce the risk of intentional data loss. The element of surprise is important because it decreases the risk of intentional data loss and improves compliance with demands.

Once the device has been removed from the custody of the owner, no further record or log is required. Because the pen tester will want to keep track of what operating systems she found to advertise with future clients.

Because knowing the target's operation system determines how that device should be correctly secured. Premium members get access to this practice exam along with our entire library of lessons taught by subject matter experts. Log in. Sign Up. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Take this practice test to check your existing knowledge of the course material.

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The application of computer science and investigative procedures for a legal purpose involving the analysis of digital evidence after proper search authority, chain of custody, validation with mathematics, use of validated tools, repeatability, reporting, and possible expert presentation.

Use of science or technology in the investigation and establishment of the facts or evidence in a court of law.

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Chapter 4 Computer Forensics

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Process of using scientific knowledge in analysis and presentation of evidence in court. A process where we develop and test hypotheses that answer questions about digital events. Back to top.Have a question that isn't on our FAQ?

This Electronically Stored Information e. Computer Forensics is used to create a digital picture or Image of the ESI, therefore the examiner can later look for digital evidence on the acquired Image and attempt to re-create a time-line of how the data was used in relation to the matter under investigation.

Computer forensics is a specialized service that provides and documents digital evidence for possible use in litigation. A computer forensic investigation is highly disciplined and the results can be repeated and proven to be accurate, which is crucial for any digital evidence to be admissible in court.

What types of digital media devices can potentially hold data? Can deleted emails be recovered? Deleted emails can be recovered in the majority of cases, but there is no guarantee.

Deleted emails can be recovered depending on the type of email client Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc. When emails are deleted from your Inbox there is still a chance that they reside on the server or in other areas of a computer. Computer forensic tools and methods allow for the data extraction and examination of email storage including information that had been previously deleted. If someone uses a webmail account like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, is it possible to find that email?

Web-based email programs such as these do offer the ability to recover information even when the computer is not on the Internet. Can deleted files be recovered? When a file is deleted using standard methods, the contents of the file are not actually erased from the hard drive; the operating system merely erases a pointer to the file so that the file does not appear in the folders or directories, the file is actually still there.

Contrary to popular belief, digital files are not vaporized when the delete button is pushed, and therefore, such files are usually recoverable and usable. Can password protected files be accessed? A certified computer forensic examiner has a will have a combination of sophisticated hardware tools and software programs to unlock certain types of password protected files. Depending on the type of file and the speed of the computer, some programs can try hundreds of thousands of passwords per second.

However, longer and more complex passwords are more of a challenge to crack. Metadata is data about the data. Metadata is very important in Computer Forensic investigations as it describes essential aspects of the data or document including information about the author of the document, the last print time or when the file was created, accessed or modified.

Because metadata is fundamentally data, it requires the same forensic scrutiny as any other form of data and often is not visible unless special tools and methods are used. I think that a computer in my company may contain important evidence. What do I do? Do NOT use the computer or attempt to search for evidence, as any further use of the computer may damage and taint any evidence that might exist on the device. A trained computer forensic investigator will use specific methods, tools and procedures to retrieve and preserve critical electronically stored information.

By powering on the system you run the risk of changing the data on the computer forever and losing valuable evidence. If you must shut down the computer, unplug it from the back of the tower or the outlet. If a computer is on or running, it is important to collect the information about running programs or applications.The following multiple-choice questions are just a Warm-up Questions for you which are as follows:.

A 8 B C D Unlimited. Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of manually. This technology is known as:. In the binary language each letter of the alphabet, each number and each special character is made up of a unique combination of:.

computer forensics objective questions and answers

What will be the output if you will compile and execute the following code? The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminals computer is an example of a law enforcement specialty called? A Start B system C main D program. A Dot B semi-colon C colon D single quote. A Program or sequence of instructions that is interpreted or carried out by processor directly B Program or sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by another program C Program or sequence of instruction that is interpreted or carried out by web server only D None of above.

A admin B admin yeahhub C yeahhub. A floor address B foundation address C first address D base address. A tables arrays B matrix arrays C both of above D none of above. A protocol is a set of rules governing a time sequence of events that must take place. A between peers B between an interface C between modems D across an interface. In OSI network architecture, the dialogue control and token management are responsibility of.

A session layer B network layer C transport layer D data link layer E none of above. A It uses labels instead of blocks B We need to put break statement at the end of the group of statement of a condition C We can put range for case such as case To increase the value of c by one which of the following statement is wrong?

When following piece of code is executed, what happens? A a contains 3 and b contains 4 B a contains 4 and b contains 4 C a contains 4 and b contains 3 D a contains 3 and b contains 3. A Both of the above code fragments have the same behaviour B Both of the above code fragments produce different effects C The first code produces more results than second D The second code produces more results than first.

One of the defining features of PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is the versatility it offers for connection to, and manipulation with databases. What are these botnets used for? They are used for many different purposes like gathering private details, logins to websites, credit card information, bank logins, PayPal accounts etc. If you can use […]. Suppose if you […]. Skip to content. The following multiple-choice questions are just a Warm-up Questions for you which are as follows: 1.

What is the default port number for Apache and most web servers? What is the maximum character Linux supports in its filenames?

A 8 B C D Unlimited 3.

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