Kar 88 stock

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Also on Saturday from - pm. We hope this will continue to have exactly the firearm you are expecting delivered to you. Login or Sign Up 0. Bayonets Daggers Knives Swords. Autos Revolvers Sig Antiques Miscellaneous Rolling Blocks. Winchester Commemoratives Winchester Rifles. Current Stock: 1. Call To Purchase. Share This Article. Haenel Suhl manufacture dated Original blue finish, receiver in the white, mounted in a walnut stock. German Imperial proofs on the right side of the receiver ring.

Numbered parts are matching including the action screws. Unit marked on the left side of the upper band "8. The wood has been lightly sanded and the sling swivel slot on the butt has been wood filled. The lower barrel band has had the sling bar removed, and 1 inch commercial sling swivels have been added to the bottom of the butt and lower band.The Gewehr 88 commonly called the Model commission rifle was a late 19th-century German bolt action rifleadopted in The invention of smokeless powder in the late 19th century immediately rendered all of the large-bore black powder rifles then in use obsolete.

There were also two carbine versions, the Karabiner 88 for mounted troops and the Gewehr 91 for artillery. Unlike many German service rifles before and after, it was not developed by Mauser but the arms commission, and Mauser was one of the few major arms manufacturers in Germany that did not produce Gewehr 88s.

The practical result was that the French rifle had greater accuracy and range, giving French troops a tactical advantage over the German Army. For this reason the Gewehr 88 is also known as the "commission rifle," or " reichsgewehr ". The first step was to select a new cartridge.

The Gewehr is a further development of the receiver and bolt of the Gewehr combined with a Mannlicher magazine. It has a receiver with a "split bridge" i.

Gewehr 1888

As shots are fired the clip remains in place until the last round is chambered, at which point it drops through a hole in the bottom of the rifle. This system was used in almost all Mannlicher designs and derivatives, and while it allows for speedy reloading, it also creates an entry point for dirt. To settle a patent infringement claim by Steyr-MannlicherGermany contracted the Austro-Hungarian company to be one of the manufacturers of Gewehr 88s.

The commission rifle's bolt action design was a by the commission modified Mauser action. The barrel design and rifling were virtually copied from the French Lebel. The rifle has an odd appearance as the entire barrel is encased in a sheet metal tube for protection, but with the tube removed the rifle looks rather modern.

This tube was intended to increase accuracy by preventing the barrel from directly contacting the stockbut in practice it increased the risk of rusting by providing a space for water to be trapped if the rifle was exposed to harsh conditions. The Karabiner 88 utilized a different bolt handle, which resembled those found on commercial sporting rifles. Some early models had flaws due to rushed ammunition production.

This was used in by the then notorious anti-Semitic agitator Hermann Ahlwardtmember of the German Reichstagto spread an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. Isidor Loewe also held a controlling interest in the Waffenfabrik Mauser.

According to Ahlwardt's claims, Loewe would either deliberately supply the German army with insufficient rifles, or, along with other Jews, secretly exchange rifles with flawed ones after they had passed the reliability tests. Ahlwardt accused Loewe of being a spy for France, and denounced the rifle as a Judenflinte "Jews' musket". After these claims were found insupportable, Ahlwardt was sentenced to 4 months in prison for malicious falsehood.

Part of the production run was exported to China see lower or Latin America for example Brazil army use them in War of Canudos in — The commission rifle saw field service with Germany's colonial expansion, including in China during the Boxer Rebellion with the Gewehr 88s and the unlicensed Hanyang 88 copies also being used by the opposing Chinese troops[4] and served as a front line weapon for German troops during World War I until when the supply of Gewehr 98s increased.

When Germany replaced the 88 with the Gewehr 98, many of the rifles were given to Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire during World War I because both states had a shortage of rifles however, it was used extensively by the Turkish Army even through the s and s.

kar 88 stock

Many Gewehr 88 rifles stayed in active service in second-line units, reserves, and in armies allied with the Germans through and well past World War I. Most of the Gewehr 88s seen in the US are the ones that were given to the Turkish forces in World War I and have been modified from the original design.

Germany's First Smokeless Carbines: the Kar 88 and Gewehr 91

Inter-war Germany used Gewehr 88 rifles only for the militia. Gewehr 88 rifles were also used in the Spanish Civil War by both sides. These rifles were also used by the German Volkssturm in — China also used this rifle extensively during the Qing dynasty and the Republican era. China first bought Gewehr 88 rifles for the First Sino-Japanese War in — and after that started production of the unlicensed Hanyang 88 copy.

In the beginning of the 20th century China bought for a second time a large number of original Gewehr 88 rifles. In following nearly 50 years it and its Hanyang 88 copy were used in the Xinhai Revolutionthe Chinese Civil War and the War of Resistance against Japan and proved more than adequate against the Japanese Arisaka Type 38 riflethough the latter was newer by 30 years.

The last time they saw action in Chinese service was during the Korean Warwhere some of them were captured and taken to the US as souvenirs. The rifle was adopted during a period of rapid development in firearms technology, and marked Germany's shift to a smokeless powder. This explains why its period as the primary German service rifle was just over a dozen years, but it remained in limited service for much longer.The Mauser Gew 88 series of bolt-action service rifles were one of two such weapons stocked in the German inventory during World War 1, the other being the Gew Credit: Image from the Public Domain.

What made the adoption unique was the 8mm's smokeless powder design which immediately put the French Army at the forefront of small arms advancement. An 8-round tubular magazine allowed for a repeat fire action, an upgrade over all existing single-shot designs.

The weapon was a standard bolt-action weapon featuring an outward-turned bolt handle and of typical "long gun" arrangement of the period sporting a solid wooden stock and grooved, single-banded wooden forend.

Support was, of course, retained for a bayonet. Some 2. The move naturally spurred the Germans into action for their existing Mauser Model line was now made largely obsolete. It still relied on a black powder cartridge, featured an upturned bolt-handle prone to snagging and made use of the larger, slower 11x60mmR cartridge. A shortened carbine version was also unveiled. Nevertheless, the need to modernize was great against their long-time enemy.

This positioned a German Army-led commission to issue formal specifications for both a new, small caliber, smokeless powder cartridge and a new service rifle to fire it.

Interestingly, the commission moved away from the Mauser influence and focused on a Mannlicher-type clip-loading magazine approach with features of the Model "Belgian Mauser" and the competing French Lebel.

The barrel was rifled with a pattern largely taken from the Lebel while the gun was given a single-piece wooden body with integrated straight handle grip and solid wooden stock.

The action resided in the main section of the body with an outward-projecting bolt-handle. The trigger was underslung with its ring integrating into the projecting magazine assembly. A barrel jacket was fitted around the barrel assembly. Support for a field bayonet was managed through a mounting at the right side of the barrel shroud.

Overall weight was 8. The commission also developed the corresponding new cartridge which became the M88 and up to five of these were loaded into the fixed magazine assembly. Sights were fitted ahead of the action and at the muzzle. The weapon was adopted as the Model and known under other names as well - Gewehr 88 Gew 88Model Commission Rifle and Model Reichsgewehr.

Haenel, Steyr-Mannlicher and V. In practice, the Model proved a sound bolt-action service rifle, perhaps one of the best of the new generation smokeless powder-firing types.

kar 88 stock

The barrel jacket of the original models was soon given up when it was found that they trapped moisture which led to rusted barrels within. A new, reinforced barrel was instituted in and this was followed by a new rifling pattern in In earlya short-bodied form was introduced as a carbine variant and another short rifle variant emerged in In April ofthe German Army dispensed with the original "round-nose" M88 commission-led cartridge and adopted the new 7.Original Item: Only One Available.

German Kar. In this was cutting edge technology as the Gewehr Mauser rifles and carbines were the first to use the 7. This little carbine used a 5 shot box magazine and was extremely popular. It was superceded in with the introduction of the Gew 98 rifle also in an updated version of the same caliber and many 88s were updated and then marked with a small "S" on the receiver ring to indicate it could be used with the upgraded ammunition.

During the Great War cavalry was quickly becoming a thing of the past once trench warfare was introduced. Rare dated Mauser Kar 88 Carbine, only 37" in overall length, federally classiefied as an antique due to its pre manufacture date. Shopping Cart 0 View cart. Prev Next. Default Title - Sold Out. Add to Cart. Shipping Restrictions This product is not available for shipping in US state s New Jersey This product is not available for international shipping.

Title 18, U. Code, Section a 16 defines antique firearms as all guns made prior to This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering because they are not legally considered firearms.

Original German Pre-WWI KAR 88 Cavalry Carbine - Dated 1892

These antique guns are not sold in live condition. Any attempt at restoring an antique gun to be operational is strongly discouraged and is done so at the risk of the customer.

By purchasing an antique gun from IMA you thereby release IMA, its employees and corporate officers from any and all liability associated with use of our Antique guns. Pre Manufacture, no licenses required, allowed to ship to almost any deliverable address across the globe. Payment Options Not eligible for payment with Paypal or Amazon.Due to the coronavirus COVID outbreak and measures imposed by our state government, our operations are temporarily suspended.

Notifications Close. Manufacturers Mauser Rifles Commission Mauser Rifles Commission Part Key: 0. Add to cart. Enlarge Image.

kar 88 stock

Part Key: 1. Bolt Stop Pin Product : Part Key: 3. Bolt Stop, Used Product : Part Key: 4. Bolt Stop Spring Product : Part Key: 5. Safety Product : Part Key: 6. Safety Spring Product : Part Key: 7. Part Key: 8. Cocking Piece Product : Part Key: 9. Firing Pin Spring Product : Part Key: Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Haenel Kar 88 in 7mm. Results 1 to 17 of Thread: C. Join Date Dec Posts 2, Am in the process of sorting an estate collection, and ran across this carbine.

Thought I might post some pictures of it. Have also pulled in this quote from DocAV that seemed relevant. Originally Posted by DocAV. It would be idiotic for getting them in"8"mm. Supply of clips could have been a problem It is known that goods were allowed transit to some Neutral countries out of Europe by the Allies ie Since these were classed as "sporting Goods" they did not have the restrictions of "Military Contracts" An interesting subplot to the Mexican Revolution.

Thanks Bill, that's a rare beauty! What a fascinating side light to Gew 88 history and production! I cannot help but wonder how many other examples of this presumably low production variant have survived through the years. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. I also have an example in 7x57mm. Years ago, I purchased several in 8x57mm non-S marked.

So both calibers went to Mexico. As we are often told, when it rains it pours. A friend in Germany Danke, Peter! Very interesting. My example has no left side reciever markings H star etc nor traces of any, or signs of removal. The "G.

Join Date May Posts Has anyone here encountered a Commission rifle 88 in 9x57mm caliber?You can also expect anywhere from minimal bluing wear to a lot of bluing wear, and we have even seen some surface rust on a few. We have not seen any rust that would not clean up well. We do offer a hand select for cosmetics that will offer you one of the nicer looking ones if that is your desire but please know that even a hand select is not going to be gorgeous Now for the good news, as we said before these rifles have been stored intact in a military depot for quite some time.

Boyds Gunstocks

As such, they are as close to true military turn in Mauser rifles as I have ever seen. By that I mean that they do not appear to be parted together " Frankenstein " guns. Also know, that while we do not guarantee for matching numbers we have seen some that do match. In addition to that, these are very consistent in color and as a group have a certain uniformity about them that makes them appear to be true military turn in's which I am certain that they are.

As a matter of fact, in that manner they are very similar to our Chinese military turn in SKS rifles. We do not warranty for cosmetic's as we have tried to be as honest as possible in describing these rifles. As such, if the possibility of receiving a rifle that is less than a beauty queen is a deal breaker, then don't order one. However, we do warranty them for function and we think that they are a tremendous value as they are as close to military turn-in's as we have ever seen for long stored Mauser's.

kar 88 stock

Don't let my overly honest description of the rifles fool you. We always try to allow for the lower end in the bunch when describing our surplus because let's face it, someone is going to get the ugliest one there. Having said that, these rifles have not been as readily available in the U.

Get yours today.


No Mauser collection is complete without the addition of one of these rare Banner rifles. Don't Miss This Important - As noted above these are arsenal turn in rifles and while we have done a dry function test here before shipping, the rifles have not had the bores cleaned nor have they been checked by a gunsmith.

As with all surplus firearms the rifle should be thoroughly cleaned before firing. Also, please be sure that the bore is clear and unobstructed.

Finally, a good rule of thumb with any surplus is to have your local gunsmith do a safety check before attempting to fire. Related Products.

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