Microsoft as appropriate interview

For example: "How many ping pong balls would fit in a ? Not anymore.

microsoft as appropriate interview

Over the last couple of years, the developer group at the company has completely revamped its interview process, according to John Montgomery, partner director of program management. The revamp was inspired by what Montgomery calls "a series of small epiphanies.

We give them time to do their own research and to think about it. Why should an interview be any different? When Montgomery started at Microsoft, interviewers were still asking why manhole covers are round, and how many ping pong balls fit in a In 20 years, he says, he's never had to write the code to fill a with any kind of ball. So why ask about stuff that's imaginary when the team is already working on problems that are real?

Instead, he writes, "We run through a real problem the team is trying to solve--improving satisfaction, increasing retention, boosting usage witcher 3 nekker monster den velen a service or feature.

Working together on a real problem with no secrets helps interviewer and interviewee have a collaborative conversation. This means changing the usual logistics of a job interview, he adds. Traditionally, a candidate would proceed from one office to another, meeting with different interviewers.

But because the candidate is usually be working on a white board, writing things that will be needed later, he or she now stays in one conference room during the interview process, and interviewers come to the candidate.

This was the most difficult change to make because it made interviews both more expensive in terms of executive time and harder to schedule. It was intended as a way to train less experienced interviewers. But the team soon saw that it made for better interviews, too. After a couple of years of doing this, Montgomery and his team are pleased with the results. Early on, they worried that job candidates faced with two interviewers instead of one, and a real presentadores de telemundo noticias problem to help solve over the course of the day would feel particularly nervous.

Instead, nearly every candidate told the team that they had never encountered a process like this before but it really helped them understand the business and the team. In fact, one candidate who got competing offers from "other large Seattle tech companies," chose Microsoft because she liked the process so much, Montgomery reports.

This new interview method does just that. It's something every company could benefit from. Here are some of the most significant changes Montgomery and his team made as a result:. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post.

What to Expect During a Microsoft Interview

The opinions expressed here by Inc.As you prepare for your interview, you may be considering which questions the employer is going to ask you. Every interviewer is different and their questions may vary.

By preparing answers for these common interview questions, you can develop compelling talking points to make a great impression during your next job interview. Tip: Your interviewers will likely start out with a question about yourself and your background to get to know you.

Start out by giving them an overview of your current position or activities, then provide the most important and relevant highlights from your background that make you most qualified for the role. My greatest value to any executive is my ability to work independently, freeing up their time to focus on the needs of the business.

As someone with an eye for detail and a drive to organize, I thrive on making sure every day has a clear plan and every plan is clearly communicated. If possible, include quantifiable results to demonstrate how you use your best attributes to drive success. I like to be thorough, documenting all incidents. I frequently make suggestions to management about security improvements and changes as my motivation comes from making a meaningful contribution.

To answer, focus on why hiring you would benefit the employer. Addressing why your background makes you a good fit will let employers know why your traits and qualifications make you well prepared. Tip: Interviewers often ask this question as a way to determine whether or not you took time to research the company and to learn why you see yourself as a good fit.

The best way to prepare for this question is to do your homework and learn about the products, services, mission, history and culture of this workplace. In your answer, mention the aspects of the company that appeals to you and align with your career goals. Finding a company with a positive work environment and values that align with my own has remained a priority throughout my job search, and this company ranks at the top of the list.

Tip: Like the previous question, hiring managers often include this question to make sure you understand the role and give you an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills.

In addition to thoroughly reading the job description, it can be helpful to compare the role requirements against your skills and experience.

7 Common Mistakes in the Coding Interview (for Software Engineers)

Choose a few things you particularly enjoy or excel at, and focus on those in your answer. I look forward to seeing their reaction when we get a positive outcome that will change their lives forever. Like the family of a young boy we treated last year—at eight years old, he had experienced rapid weight gain and signs of depression.

His parents described him as a usually joyful child, but now he seemed disengaged and uninterested in his typical schedule. In the end, we determined that it was hypothyroidism, which is, of course, controllable with medication. The boy is adjusting well to the treatment and has returned to his joyful self. Tip: Employers ask this question to gauge your level of self-awareness and ensure your sources of motivation align with the role.

To answer, be as specific as possible, provide real-life examples and tie your answer back to the job role. Tip: Much like the previous question about motivation, employers might ask what you are passionate about to better understand what drives you and what you care most deeply about. This can both help them understand whether you are a good fit for the role and if it fits into your larger goals.

My specialized training and strong interpersonal skills have helped me become adept at developing long-term, trusted relationships that help to build a loyal client base. Some of my clients have been with me since the beginning—more than ten years now. Tip: There are many reasons for leaving a job. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your current or previous role, focus on the future and what you hope to gain in your next position.

Tip: This question gives you an opportunity to talk about both your technical and soft skills. Much of product development is about finding innovative solutions to challenging issues, which is what drew me to this career path in the first place. However, when answered correctly, sharing your weaknesses can show that you are self-aware and want to continuously get better at your job—traits that are extremely attractive to many employers.

It was stressful, and that stress affected my production quality. I realized this was counterproductive, so I started using workload management tools to set better expectations for myself and my teammates.When you are interviewing for a job, a typical question is, "What computer skills do you have and what programs are you comfortable using? Of course, the answer to this question will vary widely depending on the job for which you are applying.

Here are some tips, along with some sample interview questions and answers. It's important to refresh your skills with these basic programs. Keep in mind that most job applicants will have experience with these Microsoft programs, and most employers will expect you to as well.

You should research what they are using ahead of time if at all possible. For example, you should look closely at the job description and see if it requires you to have experience with any programs. Be sure to mention your experience or knowledge of this software. Remember, you should always be honest when answering interview questions. If you say you're an expert at a program, your employer is going to expect you to be able to walk right into the office and get to work.

It will reflect very poorly on you if you don't actually have the skills that you claim. These computer skills questions are the most likely ones you will field in a personal interview. What They Want to Know: In almost any job that requires word processing, job candidates will be expected to be well-versed in using Microsoft Word. Most administrative roles also require proficiency in Microsoft Excel for creating spreadsheets and in Microsoft PowerPoint for developing presentations.

For example, in my last job as a web editor, I mastered a new content management system very quickly: within two weeks, I was teaching the system to our interns. Most job listings will mention the computer system utilized at a company, so be prepared to explain your level of expertise in their preferred OS. I am familiar using both Windows and Apple operating software.

Technical interview at Amazon (SDE) and Microsoft (Program Manager)

I have used both in my previous job for the past ten years. I can create fully functional spreadsheets and am familiar with organizing and analyzing large sets of data. I then analyzed and interpreted these findings for our superintendent. I have used both Adobe After Effects and iMovie to edit short promotional videos for my previous company, and have received much praise from my employer for my skill in these programs. This is a trend which will only grow as telecommunications companies roll out new cloud-based apps and services for business users.

As a project lead in my last job, I significantly improved the communications between our team members — spread across five different geographical sales divisions — by implementing our use of the GoToMeeting mobile app.

I learn new apps very quickly, and use Salesforce1, Pipedrive, and Nimble on a daily basis. Any employer who relies upon a mobile or remote workforce may well have adopted Google-based tools to enhance the speed and efficiency of their business operations. Because most of our team in the design department at ABC Company worked remotely, we used G Suite for our business email communications, video conferencing, file sharing, and cloud storage.

In order to fully expand my command of Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations, I recently earned my certification as a Financials Functional Consultant Associate. The knowledge I gained has enabled me to exponentially streamline our field service operations. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to respond to interview questions regarding your technical proficiencies.

Bring your laptop or other mobile tools along. This way, you can easily and swiftly show bookmarked examples of your work, much as an artist would show their portfolio. If you can, provide an example of a time you learned a program quickly in the past.

Provide fluency test results. If you have taken fluency tests in programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and your results were strong, bring a copy of the test results along with a copy of your resume and a list of professional references to present to the hiring committee.

Provide additional information about your technical proficiencies if warranted. If you have specific experience with a specialized program that might be useful in your new job, be sure to mention it. Even if it is not listed in the job description or asked about in the interview, it might be a useful extra skill. At the very least, this will demonstrate your enthusiasm for computer technologies and show that you know how to use different programs to optimize business communications or work processes.

Also, if there is software you need to know for the job, but you are unfamiliar with it, you might sign up for a free online class. That way, during the interview, you can explain that you are currently learning the software.Microsoft security patches are intended to solve certain security loopholes and problems, while at the same time upgrading any existing security features.

This would provide better protection by reducing vulnerabilities in security. Each wife had 5 bag. Each bag had 5 cats. Each cat had 5 kittens. Kitten, cats, bags, wives. How many were going to California? Only 1 was going to California, Me. It was not stated whether the man with his wives and pets were going in the same direction.

Another answer could be Minimum 1. As it was not stated where the wives, kittens and cats were headed. With close observation, you will note that each number in the list is in the middle of two prime numbers.

Therefore, the next number would be the one that is in the middle of the next two prime numbers, which is 72 which is in the middle of 71 and The color of the bear must be White. Incidentally, only polar bears lived on these regions, and polar bears are white colored. Standard modules contain variables, procedures and functions that are accessible anywhere within the project. A class module contains properties and events, and is made accessible only by objects that were created as an instance of that class.

Only variable2 is actually declared as of integer type. Variable1 is declared as of variant type in this case. The main reason why the :: cannot be overloaded is that only operators that take in values as parameters can be overloaded. The scope resolution operator does not take a value as parameter. Plug and Play is a technology wherein hardware components that are installed on PCs using Microsoft operating system are immediately recognized and made usable.

This means that the drivers necessary to make it work are already available on the operating system package. Visual Foxpro was part of Visual Studio 6.I was happy at this stage for a couple of reasons — Firstly, I was informed before that you go to the final round only if you are through with the Technical rounds and Secondly, I knew I have a serious chance of getting a convert now :.

I did my last minute prayers before knocking at the door. It was really a serious affair. I bacame a little nervous. Our discussion started with my introduction which I suppose was a mere formality as he already had the feedbacks from my managers and the three interviewers!

He asked me if I have any questions for him. I asked him to explain his work profile and give a brief overview of the Windows team in India. He looked impressed with my question I thought so. But I am sure it definitely gave us a topic to start the talk. Moreover, it took away my nervousness. Then he asked me about how did I perform in my interviews.

I told him what I felt i. Good, Bad and Good. He then asked me to solve a couple of technical questions which were very simple questions by the standard of the previous three interviews and I gave him the answers straightway.

He then said it seems you have a fairly good experience. I was elated to hear that :. Imagine Director of Windows, Microsoft India saying that is a big deal. He finally asked me if I have any more questions for him. I, out of excitement, asked him what he thinks about our interaction. I shook hand and came out in excitement. However, with some words of advice from my close ones, I pulled up myself and went for the third round which happened to be a decider atleast I thought so at that point and now I can say I was wrong.

He then asked me to write an algorithm for Sudoku Solver. I gave him a brute force approach algorithm to which he raised many questions and I was not able to give him convincing answers.

This was enough to enligten my mind and I gave him a solution to which he looked very impressed. He then proposed another algorithm and asked me to analyse both the algorithms for best, average and worst case scenarios. This interview lasted for an hour and I came out with a smile on my face.

I knew I enjoyed the interview as it was a very good discussion. My heart started beating faster as I realised I am back in the league I was more confident than before as I was carrying the feel good factor of the first round. However, I didnt know that this will turn out to be a nightmare for me. The following is a brief description of the interaction that almost put me out of the league.

I reached my interview location on time and met Mr Vikas. I became nervous by the fact that a third person dont remember the name was going to overshadow my interview. However, Mr Vikas introduced himself and told me about his work and then we started with the discussion.

Ques 1 There are two lists which get joined at some node.Post a Comment. The recruiter will let the candidate know what the day's schedule looks like and possibly chat about the team and the location i.

Redmond, Silicon Valley, Charlotte, etc. They will often suggest a few useful tips like to try to relax and have fun, to ask questions to get a feel for the team, etc. The first conversation with the actual team is usually with the hiring manager. They will often tell you about the team and warm you up with conversation about yourself. Some hiring managers will conduct actual technical interviews at this time and others will just get a feel for the candidate's cultural fit, leaving it to the remainder of the interviewers to test the candidate's technical skills.

The interviews with the actual team will definitely involve some technical interviewing. For software engineers, this means getting up in front of a whiteboard and working out challenging design or coding problems. Typically, each interviewer will be evaluating a particular skill set algorithms, design, coding, etc. If a candidate doesn't meet expectations in an earlier interview, a later interviewer may assess one or more of the same areas since most interviewers acknowledge the fact that nervousness can affect performance during interviews.

One may also notice that interviews often start off with 5 to 10 minutes of friendly conversation. This is to help the candidate feel comfortable in the hope that they won't feel as nervous during the technical portion of the conversation. What kind of whiteboard questions are asked? This is highly variable depending on the interviewer. Over time, most interviewers develop a methodology for assessing candidates. For testing technical capability, I personally like to start with a simple coding question, followed by a more complex coding question, followed by an open-ended design problem.

I sometimes reverse the order of the second coding question with the open-ended design problem to base the coding question off the candidate's response to the design problem. Whatever the case, I try to be consistent to make a fair comparison among candidates. Each of the interviews with the team are about an hour long, so there is definitely a time squeeze when trying to get through these three problems.

Most technical interviewers will also take some time for two additional things. The first is to find out a bit about the candidate's characteristics. This frequently falls into those first 5 to 10 minutes of friendly conversation. The candidate's opportunity to ask questions almost universally comes in the last 5 to 10 minutes of the interview.

After the hour is up, the candidate is handed off to the next inerviewer. One of the team interviews will be over lunch and will be less technical in nature no, you don't have to code while eating. I have seen some interviewers discuss a design problem over lunch, but most will have a deeper conversation about the candidate to root out their characteristics and about what they are looking for career-wise.

Clearly, there are no right or wrong answers here. Just be honest, reflective, and thoughtful. Always remember that it's best to identify a poor fit as early as possible.

Coburg Banks

Not only will adding someone who is a poor fit to the team be damaging to the team, but it will also be harmful to the candidate, who will suffer career stagnation and will be generally unhappy in their job. The as-appropriate interviewer is someone who has been a Microsoft employee for a long time and who has had more hiring experience than the other interviewers.

This interviewer is usually focused on the candidate's long-term potential at Microsoft.Interviewing is time consuming, tiring, and a lot of work. But the reward for doing well is a full time job. Treat the whole process as a game and have a good time.

MSFT AA Interview: What's that?

It took me a long time to get an interview with Amazon and I have failed at the Microsoft interview process before so keep at it. How did I get two full time job offers from two great companies? The answer is: a lot of hard work and preparation.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of any past, present, or future employers. Also, your interview experience mileage may vary. Getting the interviews I started the full time job hunt before school started in September. Seeing as my girlfriend, Natalie, had a full time unaccepted offer from Amazon it was not hard for her to get me into the process there.

microsoft as appropriate interview

Unfortunately it took a while to get the ball rolling but I did eventually get my first phone interview. Now keep in mind, that prior to Natalie receiving her offer and getting me into their system and I had worked hard to be interviewed by Amazon. I never blogged about it, but I have hinted about it, but I interviewed with Microsoft in the Spring of for a program manager position.

The reason I never blogged about it was because I never got past the phone screen. It was a very depressing experience.

microsoft as appropriate interview

I also submitted my resume in the bins at the co-op building in response to the full time posting on the just graduated version of Access. But what I really think secured my first interview at Microsoft was that I attended their info session here on campus and waited till everyone had harassed the recruiter and I then moved in.

To make my resume stand out I had circled all the relevant bits. Though she did make fun of me for circling them, but since it was the resume that all my interviewers later had in front of them, I consider the exercise to have been a successful one.

I thought it might get the conversation rolling and it did. The conversation lasted about five minutes and felt quite gruelling. She even asked me to give her a 30 second pitch as to why Microsoft should hire me. Moral of the story: You need a personal in or some sort of human contact. In addition to aggressively pursuing job interviews I also aggressively prepared for the job interviews I hoped I was going to get.

I prepared because I know other people prepare and I expected that employers likely expected candidates to be prepared.

Now, why would someone who has a job at Amazon buy a book on interviews unless they were using it as a guide for conducting interviews?

Note, the book contains errors. I found at least one, and some of their solutions are not as elegant as they could be. So, do not memorize the answers. If you do get a question you know, tell the interviewer. So, I read both books cover to cover and did all the proposed exercises. I also visited a lot of interviewing websites. One I spent a lot of time at was Techinterview. For the two months leading up to my interviews every spare moment during the day and on the weekends was spent preparing.

I read a lot and I did a lot of problems. In fact during one power outage we got out the Mount Fuji book and we all worked through a couple problems by candle light. Initial interview screens But you can only prepare so long before you have to show that you have what it takes.

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