Td06 turbo mr2

With the car i recieved an extra jdm gen 2 motor with it that ill be building over the next year or so. So I have begun researching Toyota MR2 upgrade turbo kits and would like to share with you guys what I have found. If anyone knows of another kit that I have not found in my search, please post them here. I didnt put the prices due to the fact that im sure they change everyonce in awhile, and i dont want to keep up with them. The picture is obviously a generic pic considering the manifold that is shown.

PM me the information and ill update this list that i made. PERSONALY i would take a garret turbo just because there are many parts out there for them and that they are easier to come by period as well so replacment isnt so costly if something happens to turbo. Now its late and i know my spelling is way off But i do know that if your thinking about greddy i would avoid it becuase from what i read the greddy kit isnt that great and that ATS has made some mods to it that are avalible for it if you ever got the greddy kit The link is to the main turbo kit page from ATS, i figured if you were willing to check out there site, you would see the rest of the kits such as the ct27, TD05 and TD07 in that link.

Yea i forgot abvout that You also have to make sure to use all the provided shielding with any turbo kit. Your post is exactly what i want to see when i get these posts linked to individual kit product reviews in the appropriate section.

I didnt want to crowd the posts with personal information and opinions.

3SGTE Td06 20g turbo TUNING (405hp) FCTUNING GT4 MR2 St205

That's why I have on my setup, minus the T Using a T right now and switching to a GTR soon. The T kit is nice though. Listing it is ok for comparison purposes, but I think a severe customer service warning should be noted in the description. This board is openly viewable to the public, and thus someone outside of the community that doesn't know the deal could potentially fall into the same trap others have fallen into when dealing with Extremeboost.

Not just the downpipe, but the oil return line is complete crap and has actually caused many mr2's to burn to the ground. Also, the Greddy uses too small of a wastegate so there are boost creep issues with many of their kits. ATS fixed all of those problems. I have a L2 kit with an SC44 and love it : -Ty. NOthing beats their quality and proven performance Their manifolds are the best IMHO Product Review buttons have been added to the posts linked to the product review section.

Please feel free to say something about the company or product that you have had experience with. Came across this turbo just recently.But on this day the mission was twofold: first for Toyota to demonstrate that the MR2's wonky oversteering rear-suspension geometry had been corrected, and second, to enable the aforementioned scriveners to hone their skills in case a major team owner appeared to sweep them to stardom.

In fact, Indy superstar and Lexus dealer Bobby Rahal did drop by for a few test laps in an MR2, but he departed, surprisingly, without signing any of the assembled talent. The press continued to hammer around the road course for endless laps, percolating brake fluid and shredding tires, but it became obvious after but a few miles that Toyota had solved the problem that prompted the gathering.

This was a great relief to the factory reps, because the slickly shaped second-generation MR2 introduced as a model could be a handful when pushed to the limit—especially on racetracks and especially in the upscale turbocharged version.

Under full-boost hard cornering, with the rear suspension at full compression, the back wheels toed-out, causing radical, often terminal, oversteer. Although this behavior never became very severe during hard street driving, Toyota drivers competing in IMSA's Firestone Firehawk series discovered the quirk, often returning to the pits after a few quick laps with white knuckles and ashen lips.

Jones had trouble catching them. Worse yet, the shift linkage was notchy and the brakes were below par.

td06 turbo mr2

With horsepower up from in stock trimwe could blow off the Porsches on the straights and then get hammered under hard braking for a corner. The Toyota engineering staff quickly pinpointed these flaws and spent the intervening months creating the fixes that led to the session at Firebird.

Ironically, budget constraints have forced the cancellation of Toyota's IMSA Firehawk racing program, but the improvements make the MR2 an appreciably more manageable and attractive package for the highway. The primary improvement was wrought by adding 98mm 3. These alterations not only cured the toe-change during cornering, but they also decreased the lift and squat under hard braking and acceleration that handicapped the earlier models. Tire and wheel size were also boosted to enhance handling and to accommodate larger front and rear brake rotors.

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td06 turbo mr2

Poke an automotive journalist hard enough and he'll admit that had it not been for cruel twists of fate, he would be celebrated not as a simple scribe but as perhaps the fastest, bravest Grand Prix driver in history. So it was when a dozen or so of these undiscovered eminences recently gathered at sun-bleached Firebird Raceway near Phoenix to evaluate an updated version of Toyota's neatly packaged MR2 mid-engine two-seater. The venue was Firebird's twisty one-mile test loop, which is employed primarily by the CART Indy-car set to evaluate gearboxes and suspension setups for street races.

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The CT20B is an upgrade. MR2vsAMXbeast, the question is what do you want the car to do? For a street driven car, the CT20B may be a great choice If you are hitting road courses or drag racing, the TD06 is the better choice. Properly set up, I would not suspect either of them to be more reliable than than other.

You do have some risk of TD06's spiking with really open exhaust systems. The CT20B, with lots of supporting mods. The TD06, with lots of supporting mods. I do like the fact that the CT20b is a reliable turbo and I like the fact that the TD06 can see horses with supporting modsbut I have heard here in Texas they are starting a new deal with inspections.

I do not know for sure if its going to happen or not but there is suposta be something new where they check for exhaust pollution during inspections. Will both of the turbos fail? Right now I have the Apexi N1 exhaust.

Function & Form // Michael Teh’s Toyota MR2.

From what I understand the exhaust system is pretty free flowing. Thank you for your time! But a significant one for some owners. It has fast spool like the CT26, but can flow to redline which the 26 can't do.

td06 turbo mr2

You also get to retain the OEM catalytic converter if it is required for emmissions testing which no other turbo can do. So it is a great upgrade for those wiht limited options. Again, depends on your goals.

td06 turbo mr2

Something bigger, will almost always have much more lag No way we can answer that. It depends on what emmissions they are testing for.View Full Version : Greddy e-manage????

Will the e-manage be enough to control injector duty cycle? I would also like to know. The emanage and emanage ultimate is such a good price it would great if it worked like a standalone and not like an SAFC.

The e-manage is a piggyback but in some aspects it has stand alone functions. The e-manage blue I think can only control the injectors that are twice as big over stock.

The e-manage blue can only control the injector pulse by grounding out the signal longer to keep the injectors open longer, it does not however control the injectors by taking away fuel.

You have to do that with bending your MAS signal much like an AFC would which is the basic setup of the e-manage blue. The e-manage blue needs the injector and ignition harness to really be worth the money. I'm still a little new with the Ultimate myself, but instead of assigning fuel correction to all injectors with the blue you can do each individual injector with the Ultimate.

While there is a lot of debate about which way is the best to meter air, it's still an option.

Turbo Kits

What other questions do you guys specifically have about the e-manage? Also, the you see these things sell for is just for the unit, if you look into all the extra accessories that you need and add that into the cost, you're looking at If it were me This is true to a point sense, but with the injector correction with the injector harness bypasses what the ECU is doing with the injectors.

That's a bit pessmistic, do you have any threads where anyone has documented their experiences good or bad with the e-manage? While I completely agree replacing your ECU or flashing your ECU is the ideal situation, not everyone's power requirements call for doing such a thing where a piggyback would suffice to dramatically make a huge impact with controlling injectors and timing.

From the Archive: Toyota MR2 Turbo

It's probably not best to be using the S-AFC on a turbo vehicle because manipulating your air flow signal excessively will undoubtedly have an impact on other things your ECU does. We have the e-manage blue and e-manage ultimate installed on turbo converted eclipses, turbo suzuki swifts, turbo charged Toyota land cruiser we've yet to find a vehicle that it does not work good on.

I am going to install one on my MR2 when I'm ready. Primarily I just want to get that air meter out of there.Hello, has any one made a comparison between these two turbos on a Gen 3? Let's say on a stock engine with bolt ons; intake, ic and exhaust. Mainly looking for input about the spool, low and high end power and certain rpm and boost. Well it really depends what you want faster spool vs top end? I have right now a td06 with all the bolt ons. Spool its not the slowest ever and it definitely wont out spool the ct Let me tell you though as soon as boost hits it freaking goes.

I swapped in a billet 7 blade instead of the regular cast wheel and it helped spool about rpm sooner or so. The td06 will have more top end than the ct I get 18 psi by rpm. That's not bad. I wonder if there is a big difference in spool between the two. Found a Dyno on a 20b vs 21 on a stock 3rd gen with bolt ons. Hitting little above at 17psi.

It'll spool slower than a ct21 while making the same power at low boost and by low boost i'm talking less than psi. At higher pressures when shooting for bigger numbers, it should outflow the ct For most people who will end up making whp or less, ct21 or ct17 if you're gen4 will be the better upgrade from a performance standpoint.

Edit: This is coming from a td06 owner since I also have a spare tdc on the shelf. Given the options that are out there now, I'd run the ct21 on a gen3. I cant find my dyno sheet but it was around whp and about ft lbs of torque. Makes me glad I got the ct Yes very informative. Im aiming for wph at some point.Yet, I am old enough to have changed significantly since my adolescence.

The majority of the tuning scene is populated by the younger generation, and plenty of stereotypical judgments follow that demographic. However, the scene is no longer in its infancy. It too has aged and grown along with everyone that is a part of it. It has changed and evolved, for both good and bad depending on your outlook, and we have been brought up as a part of it. Our coming-of-age has been through the cars we love; we develop from what we learn from the cars as well as the community we find ourselves a part of.

Hell, the cars themselves have changed. Park a Civic next to the beloved EF-generation and the differences are blatant. Unfortunately, not all of the popular models have survived the automotive evolution. It was in a class of its very own, with no other manufacturers daring enough to offer a mid-engine sports car in that price range. While the model-name continued through a 3 rd generation, it lost a turbocharger in the process.

The 2 nd generation is generally the most popular. Toyota durability in a balanced chassis, along with realistic pricing has kept it a cult classic. Michael Teh is not as old as me. He took ownership of this MR2 inbefore he could even legally drive, as a hand-me-down from his father.

In Michael began driving the car and the modifications followed. This car was a learning process, as many first cars are. You not only are learning how to drive, but how to build.

It always begins innocently enough; Michael tells us he originally planned to keep it a very simple car with minor changes in order to keep it fun but nothing over the top. However, sometimes fate deals us cards that plunge us deeper into the build.

The newfound turbocharged power motivated Michael and his goals for the build began to take shape. We all make mistakes. Michael was intelligent in his youth, straying away from street racing due the inherent dangers of the scene. However, he admits the speed bug got the best of him and unfortunately he had an accident in the canyons.

The Recaros and GReddy turbo setup were sold in order to fund the repairs. Of course, with wider body panels the wheels needed to fill the void.Impressive as they are, peak horsepower numbers, large external dimensions and max boost levels do not tell the whole story in turbocharging.

Variations in properly sized housings and wheel designs can mean all the difference in creating drivable, usable power. Legal for sale or use in CA only on vehicles which may never be driven on a public highway. Check legality of aftermarket products with your local state, county, city authorities before purchasing. With more options to better match the ideal turbocharger s to each specific application, look for more aggressive turbo kits from the GPP Turbo Kit line.

Installation Instructions. II actuator turbo top-mounted. See more info on our Blog. RevHard by GReddy Performance Products is a new collaboration between two legendary performance brands. RevHard was one of the first to turbocharge Hondas in the early s and competed at the highest levels of import drag racing for many years.

RevHard has applied this knowledge continuously to this day with RH turbo kit packages. With decades of performance turbocharger experience, GReddy introduced the very first ever 50 state street legal bolt -on turbo kit, in for the Honda Civic Ex. Manifold Turbine specification of D1 vehicle [GReddy 35RX] of repeated test in combat was fed back to the kit. The kit can be selected from the 2 set of back West gate and the atmosphere release in accordance with the running of the stage.

Because of the manifold lightweight, significant weight reduction of about 6. Adopted TiAL made 38 Mm V-Band type wastegate boost eliminate sagging after interception by optimizing the valve diameter stabilized.

Replace the flywheel housing without removing the manifold allows, improved maintainability in compact wastegate. Since the Westgate spring are six types included, you can select the best spring to match the settings boost. AP2 S std throttle cable type TZcm2 trubo Type 28 Intercooler cast manifold plug-in Ultimate, cc inj, fuel pump, oil reloc.

Airinx intake, oil filter relocation kit. AP2 S drive by wire throttle type TZcm2 trubo Type 28 Intercooler cast manifold plug-in Ultimate, cc inj, fuel pump, oil reloc.

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