Yale lock touch screen not working

Sometimes all it takes is a little basic troubleshooting and some patience to get it back to perfect working order. As a locksmith, I sometimes get called in by clients to resolve minor lock problems which they could easily have resolved themselves. Although some problems behind a malfunctioning lock require technical expertise, most require fairly simple troubleshooting.

There are many different types of Yale keyless locks, all with varying locking and unlocking methods and options. Other methods are one-touch locking and auto-lock where the lock is set to automatically lock after it is unlocked. Here are some troubleshooting ideas. It uses a Nest Connector or Nest Guard in your home. Confirm that the connector is on.

Check if it is offline. Check that you have the latest version downloaded on your device. Here are some areas to check on. Check That the Door Is Completely Shut: If the door is not closed all the way, the deadbolt may be striking against the doorframe when you try to lock the door using the keypad.

Make sure the door is completely closed and there is enough room for the deadbolt to extend into its space in the door frame. Check That the Batteries Are Not Low or Dead: This lock is battery powered so if there is a problem with battery power, it will not operate as it should. If the batteries are dead, you can provide emergency power using a 9V battery to open the lock.

Once the door is open, replace the batteries immediately. Check If the Lock Is Updating Itself: When the manufacturer releases new software, the lock automatically updates itself. When an update is ongoing, you will not be able to lock or unlock your door using the Nest app or the keypad. Updates typically take a few minutes so this should not cause too much inconvenience.

To confirm that this is the reason your Yale keyless lock is not working at the moment, check your lock history in the Nest app. If it indicates that an update is ongoing, give it a few minutes for the process to be completed.

These are a few reasons why you might find that your Yale keyless lock is not working.Please expect a longer than normal response time as a result of recent current events. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide support as quickly as possible.

yale lock touch screen not working

We encourage you to use our online Help Center and Community Forum for additional options during this time. Here are some tips for locking and unlocking your door the right way. There are three basic ways to lock and unlock your door: using the Nest app on your phone, using the keypad installed on your door, and using the traditional thumb turn inside your home. For details, see the link below. Then read the section below that applies to you. We have some troubleshooting tips to help get your lock back online if it has lost its Wi-Fi connection:.

Use more pressure than you might use to tap something on a phone screen. And if your gloves are thick or wet, you may not be able to use the keypad with your gloves on.

One Touch Locking lets you quickly lock your door by pressing the Yale logo on the keypad, pressing your palm on the keypad, or pressing three fingers on the keypad. You can enable One Touch Locking using the Nest app. For instructions, see the following article:. You might also see a message in the Nest app. As long as your lock has an internet connection, the Nest app can let you know when your batteries are getting low.

That should give you plenty of time to change them. However, you can hold a 9-volt battery on the lock from outside your home to temporarily provide enough power to lock your door.

If your door was open, your lock may not be able to properly calibrate. The update should only take a few minutes. If none of the ways to lock your door are working Nest app, keypad on your door, and thumb turn inside your hometry these troubleshooting suggestions.

Even if you installed the lock perfectly when you first got it, the door and the frame can shift over time, or they can shrink and swell in different weather conditions. This can cause just enough misalignment to prevent the lock from being able to work on its own any more. Over time, the deadbolt may acquire a build-up of dirt, dust, or other material that slightly changes its size enough to prevent it from perfectly aligning with the strike plate any more.

If the deadbolt catches on the strike plate or if the hole in your door frame is the wrong size for the bolt, the Nest app will show a message saying the lock has jammed. During installation, the Nest app will have you confirm that the bolt can extend and retract without jamming. An incorrectly installed lock may jam during use.

What to Do When Your Yale Lock Keypad Is Not Working – 3 Common Problems and Solutions

Remove your gloves and press on the keypad barehanded. With Privacy Mode, you can disable the keypad so that no one can use a passcode to unlock your door.The prospect of a keyless life was the reason you opted for a keyless lock. Now, only a few months after installation, your Yale lock keypad is not working and you are wondering if the traditional lock and key were so bad after all.

I have been selling Yale locks for several months now. The bulk of post-sale complaints I receive are when Yale lock keypads are not working. I need to understand what causes lock keypads to malfunction and how to solve this problem. The fact that you do not have to keep keys to lock and unlock your door is the most attractive feature of modern keyless locks. A preset, 4 to 8 digit code entered onto the keypad automatically locks and unlocks the door.

Although most locks come with a set of keys, it is expected that these are used when there is a problem with the keypad. Here are a few reasons why your Yale lock keypad is not working.

When the deadbolt and strike plate are out of alignment, the deadbolt strikes on the frame of the door when the door is locked, rather than extend fully into its keep.

Why your Yale Keyless Lock is Not Working- Common Problems and Solutions

Even when a correct code is entered using the keypad, the lock remains unlocked. This kind of misalignment can happen even if the lock was installed perfectly initially. Over time, the door and frame can shift as a result of extreme weather conditions. This can cause enough misalignment to prevent the deadbolt from extending into the hole in the frame.

If the batteries are very low but not completely drained, the keypad may come on briefly then go off before you have entered all the digits of your code. When battery power is completely drained, the keypad does not respond to touch. Even when you touch the screen with the palm or back of your hand to activate it, it remains off.

All Yale locks give a low battery alert well before they get completely drained. If you also use a mobile application to operate the lock, you should have received a similar alert through the application well before they are completely drained. When batteries are completely drained, attach a 9V battery to the emergency power slot on the lock to power up the lock. This will enable you to activate the keypad and enter your code to unlock the door.

When the deadbolt is faulty, it may stop responding to signals from the keypad. A jammed deadbolt remains in a locked position even when a correct code is entered to unlock the door. If you are inside the house, use the thumbnail to unlock the door.Echo, Dot or Tap.

Click here for instructions for setting up your Yale lock to Amazon Alexa via Wink.

yale lock touch screen not working

It is easy to change the preset six-digit programming code at any time. Note: the factory set programming code must be changed before any user codes can be added. For added security, a valid 4 to 8 digit programming code must be entered in order to add, delete or change a user or the programming code. In order to prevent unauthorized changes, the programming code should not be shared and a record of all the codes should be kept in a safe place.

The keypad deadbolt can store up to four to eight digit user codes, in addition to the programming code. To change all codes, including the programming code, follow these steps:.

yale lock touch screen not working

Change the programming code 2. Delete ALL user codes 3. Add NEW user codes. If the programming code has been changed and is unknown, it is necessary to reset the lock to factory settings. If the door has not already been prepped for a deadbolt lock, please go to www. The batteries are expected to last up to one year under normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures may affect battery performance.

Yale Touchscreen not active

The lock operates as normal immediately following the alerts. The mechanical key can be used to unlock the lock under these conditions. Replacing the battery once every year is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

We are aware that an individual has demonstrated how he was capable of manipulating a Yale deadbolt, thereby creating a potential security lapse. We take all such assertions and demonstrations regarding our products extremely seriously. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we have developed a part that adds an additional amount of security to the deadbolt.

To change all codes, including the programming code, follow these steps: 1.So I got my hands on a Yale Real Living touch-screen lock with a Zigbee radio I dont think its available on the market. It recognized it as a ZWave Lock and could poll it, however no commands worked…i could not get any kind of status. There were no errors in the pairing, so wanted to see what was going on. Probably unknown raw commands. Probably just need a smarty pants to make a new device type, the hard part is getting documentation from yale identifying the commands.

Perhaps the individual z-wave card is slightly different than the one that comes if you buy it in z-wave flavor. You should be able to get it to lock and unlock remotely, but you may not have remote support for changing custom lock codes. If you get in touch with support smartthings. The first time you pair the lock, for security reasons, the hub has to be very very close to the lock. Typically about 6 inches.

When I first set up my doorlock I had problems similar to the ones you described. I was able to fix it just by swapping two plug-in modules in the room. One supported beaming and one did not. I needed to have the beaming one be the one closest to the door lock so that the messages would be held until the lock picked them up.

Often the cheapest solution is a foot Ethernet cable. I just wanted to not that this restriction is now removed.

Must be Yale because there was no mention at all about the distance thing in the instructions manual. I had no idea about this while I was doing it.

It took me a whole 20 minutes to set up both locks and to get them going with the ST hub. The Yale manual just says follow the instructions of the network controller in this case, SmartThings to include the device.

Have a Question About a Yale Digital Lock Product?

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Top 5 Best Smart Door Locks To Protect Your Home - Best Electronic Keyless Smartlock

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yale lock touch screen not working

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